Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Behold the Bounty!

Here's what came in the mail yesterday:

I opened the bag, and look what I found!

The sock is covered with little hand-written tags pointing out things to watch for--they're marvelous. Here's the non-tagged side of the sock, so you can see it better. I'm itching to cast on its mate--perhaps at lunch today!

I showed my new sock to Anne, and she said it was beautiful. Then she asked, "When does the next one go out?"

What do you say, Julie? Are you up for organizing another round?


Julie said...

AH! THE TAGS! Hilarious! And wonderful. I'm so glad everyone's enjoying the Sock Roulette.

Yes, I plan to do it again next February.

Barbara said...

That is an awesome sock. Love the color! Love the yarn! Love the bag; it's such a beautiful muted gray and the ribbons add just the right touch. Elegant. I'm practicing my socking so I can join next February.

knitabulous said...

I tried to get the whole thing to match my favourite winter colourway - grellow.

I saw it on a blog and went and looked at flickr photos tagges with 'grellow' and I was in love!

Glad you liked it. You wait till you see that tea flower - they're just simply amazing.