Monday, March 30, 2009

Belated (Again) Caturday, Dress

First, the cats!

Here's a Pippin closeup.

George on the sofa, looking sleepy.

And Eve in her new favorite chair.

This is the finished dress. The belt is hanging around the neck rather than wrapped around the waist, because I couldn't be bothered with styling this morning. All of the pieces are put together, the buttonholes are done, and the buttons are in place.

Why am I not over the moon? Because I am an idiot. When I was choosing the size to make I was looking at the finished garment dimensions rather than the sizing guide, so despite the button band I added, it is a bit too tight. It buttons but it isn't quite the glorious thing I was envisioning. I'm slowly working on cutting out the next dress, and I think that one will fit better. But the green dress falls a little more under "learning experience" than "garment," and that makes me somewhat grumpy.


Barbara said...

Well, carp. It looks nice, though, Ann. Cheer up, you made buttonholes that work! That in itself is an accomplishment. Maybe you'll magically wake up a tad thinner and it'll fit better one day.

(spam word: nostual-referring to the nostrils)

David said...

You know, Ann, even though my kilt technically fits, it's not really made correctly. I wear it around the house, but I may wait till kilt #2 to make a public appearance. And mine has no buttonholes.

Katie said...

I think it looks beautiful!!