Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh, Caturday!

I have a feeling that for the next few months there will be a lot of Caturday posts on Sundays; it looks like my Saturdays will be mostly devoted to Pride planning. Sorry about that!

In today's post, my lovely assistants will help me show off my current projects.

Here, George shows off my two-at-a-time Magic Loop socks. There's not much to see, detail-wise; they're just plain stockinette with a 2x2 ribbing cuff. But they look strangely like a little pair of kitty shorts in this picture.

Here we see Pippin getting ready to run away from my Sock Roulette Hedera. My progress has been hampered by my recent inability to work on anything for more than an hour or so.

And here is Eve, below the bodice of my dress. There will be sleeves later. And the collar is far less uneven than it looks in this picture; it's hanging funny here. (Notice I said "less uneven." It is, in fact, somewhat uneven. It's a learning experience.) Also, I plan to buy a new seam ripper today. It is a vital tool, especially for someone like me, who's been out of the sewing game for so long! But I'm pretty happy with my dress so far.

Have a happy Sunday, all!


Julie said...

Awwwwww! Pretty kitties!! And pretty knitting! Win/win.

Barbara said...

Oh, Ann, your dress looks great! I can't wait to see it all done. Nice knitting, photogenic cats. *whispering* I'm casting on two pairs of socks today. One for Dad and one for me. I'll still work on my OTNs. I promise. But I need something really small to take next weekend. Really. I do.