Saturday, March 14, 2009


Pippin was shy today; he didn't want to pose.

I caught George looking very dorky. The good news is that the fabric in front of her is a pretty good color match to life. That's what color my dress will be.

And here's Eve's butt. The really funny thing about this is that her head is just barely peeking out on the other side--I think she thinks she's hiding.


Galad said...

As I was perusing the blogs of the Sock Roulette folk, I noticed you have a Pippin too. Mine is a 4 year old Ragdoll who has an appetite like the hobbit he is named for. He has a brother, Meriadoc,also a Ragdoll.

Your kitties are very photogenic!

Ann said...

Hi, Galad,
Thanks for the note! This Pippin is named for the hobbit, too, but he's a very mellow boy with a sensitive stomach. I'm actually cat-sitting for him and Eve, the black DSH, while their people are in Alaska for a few years, which is why I started posting cat pictures--I don't want their real people to miss them too much. Now I just need to start posting some knitting pictures again!