Monday, March 23, 2009


Look, I made sleeves!

They even have a pleat and gathers. Of course, having bought a new seam ripper, I got them in perfectly on the first try. Set-in sleeves! That I made! And they fit! Oddly, I think I'm more proud of the sleeves than I am of the whole rest of the bodice, even though they were dead simple in comparison.

Next up, the skirt and the belt. Then, a button band of my own design, because even though I measured myself accurately and chose the corresponding pattern size, the bodice is too tight to button comfortably. And after that--DRESS! (Notice how I just skipped right over Buttonholes. Those will involve some serious practice beforehand, but I am confident that I can conquer them.)


Barbara said...

Sleeves! Hooray! They're gorgeous, Ann. I wasn't sure I liked that fabric when you picked it out in Dec. but it's going to look awesome. I love it. (I take full credit for your brilliant talents.)

Love, Mom

Katie said...

it looks great!!! If I can do button holes, you can do buttonholes (though it has been ages and ages since I've done them)