Friday, October 5, 2007


My office is in a converted house. Next door is an actual house, which was occupied for many years by a very nice woman named Mrs. Harp. She had a beautiful garden, and she was friendly and personable and generally well-loved. Last winter, Mrs. Harp passed away. A few weeks ago, her heirs held a yard sale. Several people in the office went over and bought some things, but I frugally tried to stay away. It was when one of my coworkers said, "I bet she was a knitter..." that I gave in.

Well, if Mrs. Harp was a knitter, someone else got her knitting things. I did make a few finds, though--a nice big suitcase, some old Tupperware, and a few bags of yarn. The yarn itself was terrible: old acrylic, the kind that feels like tinsel spun into yarn. But at the bottom of one of the bags, there were two crochet hooks and a couple of old pattern books. Score! Happily, they let me take the hooks and books and leave the yarn.

This morning I finally got around to looking through one of the books: an old McCall's crochet book. Look what I can make!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You're jealous, I can tell.

I tried to take some sari silk purse pictures again, and this is the best I could do:

It's a bit dark, still, and I can't decide if it's out of focus or just looks that way because the yarn is fuzzy. It's about 8 1/2" long, and right now, about 1/2" deep.

Finally, yesterday after work I knit the last 20 leg rows on David's kilt hose, then measured it--Um, did I say I only had 20 rows to go? I meant 45. So, 25 more! Whee!


Barbara said...

I can so see you lounging around in a crocheted pant suit! Maybe you can whip one up for your next job interview. What year was the book published?

Love the purse. Mine looked just like that, fuzzy and weird, but I kept going and now it's beautiful. Yours will be too.

What's 25 more rows? You can do it!

Love, Mom

Ann said...

I forgot to look at the pub date this morning--I'll have to check when I get home. I'm tempted to crochet a pantsuit just for the entertainment value--or maybe next year for Halloween I'll be a hippie!