Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lots to Report: A Photo Essay

I drove to Green Bay last Wednesday, and drove back to Lexington on Sunday.

While I was in Green Bay, I wore a silly hat. Briefly.

I knew the glory of His Noodly Appendage in that shining moment, and I may never be the same. (Speaking of shining, somebody get that girl some powder!)

I got to hang out with my parents.

Check out the piercing blue eyes on my dad! He is a charming dinner companion, and I had the pleasure of dining with him on Thursday, just the two of us.

He also bakes.

Mmm, coffee cake!

There was much knitting.

Here are Mom and I, working on gloves. Gloves! I made a glove! And so did Mom! (Incidentally, that picture shows pretty much all Dad saw when he was home. He had to go to work to escape the DPNs and cable needles flying all over the table.)

Apparently I don't have a picture of Mom's finished glove, but trot on over to her blog--there are some there. I'm working on the ring finger of the second glove now.

I also visited with my grandmother.

Here she displays her latest knitting project: a stocking for a doll, knit flat on teeny, tiny needles. (I took a picture that showed her face, but it wasn't flattering. Everyone deserves to look pretty on their granddaughters' blogs, so I'm leaving that one off. Plus, she was holding the stocking in front of her white sweatshirt and it was difficult to see.)

She also showed me one of her crochet projects.

The face is blurry, but it's the feet that are important. My grandmother crocheted wee little socks for this itsy bitsy doll! Amazing.

And there you have it: Three generations of talented people. Baking! Needlecrafting! We're so wholesome and domestic I can barely stand it. All we needed were a brewer and a chef to be the perfect frontier family. Maybe at Christmas!

And now it's back to the daily grind. Maybe I can squeeze in some work on my second glove when no one is looking...

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Barbara said...

Oh, you're making fingers. I'm still basking in the fact that I managed the cuff all by myself with no screw-ups. Maybe tonight I'll tackle the thumb gusset and make fingers this weekend. I'm into the yellow on the scarf, tho.

Love, Mom

P.S. We don't have a butcher or candlestick maker.