Thursday, October 25, 2007


First, I have to say that I'm amazed that no one has commented on the picture of me wearing the Flying Spaghetti Monster hat.

Okay, down to business. I finished my second glove!

They match! And they fit! And I finished the second glove with less than a yard of yarn left from the skein! (I still had the cushion of the 100" from the first skein, so I wasn't worried. Okay, I wasn't worried because I wasn't paying attention--I was just excited to be finishing.)

In this picture you can even see the pretty honeycomb cable pattern on the cuffs. My hands will be warm and stylish this winter.

In other news, I started the toe decreases on the first kilt ho! Yay! I have decided that each Ho is a separate object, in terms of FOs and UFOs. When I'm done with this one, I totally get to claim a FO. (Obviously, this doesn't mean that I'm not going to make the other one. A finished object and a finished pair are not necessarily the same thing.)

I just really, really hope it fits! (I keep telling myself that it should fit--I did the math, and I had other people check the math, and it fits my equally-sized calf, and I measured the length carefully, so there's no reason for it not to fit--but I'm so paranoid!)


Barbara said...

I would so have been freaking out if I was down to less than a yard of yarn to finish a glove. Oh, I've been meaning to tell you--the skeins of Cashmere Blend bought at least a month apart at two different stores have the same dye lot number! That's right, I'm not making that up, I checked and double-checked, same dye lots.

And I thought you looked great in the Spaghetti Monster hat when I took your picture and you look great in the picture on the blog. It's an excellent hat. I can say that even if I made it. I made you too and I think you're excellent too. So there.

fragglesmurf said...

I liked the flying spaghetti monster hat. I was just too lazy to post. Sorry :(

Nice gloves by the way.

And I'm sure the "giant hose of love" will be fine.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

I hope they fit too! The gloves turned out great! I didn't read your blog until today, but his Noodly Appendage is wonderful!