Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I think I may have gone just slightly 'round the bend.

See, I find myself browsing patterns and FOs on Ravelry, looking at things tagged "afghan" and "blanket." And wanting very badly to make them.

Forget about the Hexaghan, forget about the tesselating fish afghan that I'm already working on--I'm speeding through Abby's afghan and I'm apparently on the lookout for my next large-scale, colorful, end-weaving-intensive project. A ripple afghan with 1-row stripes? Lovely. 10 billion teeny, tiny granny squares? Count me in! The insane world map afghan? Abso-freaking-lutely.

I have no idea what's wrong with me. I find myself fascinated, enchanted by the pretty colors and the many different patterns and the prospect of having heaps of afghans all over my house.

It might be an autumn thing.

Someone please talk some sense into me!


Knitting Magic Girl said...

I have no room to speak. I bought yarn for Donegal and now must start working on it :oP

Barbara said...

Oh dear, I think it's my fault. You see, I asked Grandma to crochet you a baby afghan with the alphabet worked in, so you spent your infancy and toddler-hood snuggled under a complicated blankie of yarn. Sorry.

I, however, am firmly on the other end of the project spectrum. I bought another one-skein book today and am even now making a mental list of patterns I want to make. I realized I can afford a skein or 2 of swank yarn to make a scarf or something smallish, and my attention span is more suited to instant-er gratification.

Kim Colley said...


There, did that help?

Chris said...

I have made many many afghans in my lifetime. I have 4 o5 that I have kept, and some that my daughters made for me but I have gifted many of them. They make great wedding gifts etc. Make all you want keep all you want give away all you want. Just love what you do. I am luvtoknit on ravelry.