Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I skipped Stitch and Bitch last night, and instead I went and checked out our new Hobby Lobby. I was hoping they would have a wide selection of colors of Wool-Ease (which I'm making future SIL Abby's wedding afghan out of)--I found two of the three colors I needed at Hancock, but that last color is proving elusive. Well, it turned out that Hobby Lobby doesn't even carry worsted weight Wool-Ease. Rats! So I had to buy some knitting needles and some more cotton yarn, 'cause I don't have nearly enough of either. I've got one more place to check in Lexington, and then I'm planning to make the rounds of the GB retailers while I'm there (in a week! Yay!); hopefully purple is a more popular--and hence available--yarn color up North.

I put aside my big projects for the evening yesterday, and worked on some fish.

On the left, we see what happens when I run out of grey yarn mid-fish. And on th
e right... Well, I don't really have an explanation for that lopsided tail. Maybe it's just stretched out funny.

I also finally took a decent picture of my recycled sari silk purse, which I have renamed "Sow's Ear," because that's the name that keeps popping into my head. Not very original, but there you have it.

As you can see, I put something into it, because without that you couldn't really tell where the opening was. It just looked like a colorful blob. It's coming along nicely.

Finally, on Monday I un-Kitchenered the toe of my Dublin Bay sock and managed to get it back on the needles without dropping any stitches. Now all I have to do is add a few inches, redo the toe, and hope it fits Mom!


Barbara said...

I like your fishies. I'm sure the tail is pulled funny; a lot of mine looked like that when I finished them and they turned out okay. Your purse looks great, love the colors. Ooh, a yarn hunt! I can help; I have Thursday off. We can get Topperstix. I'll drive. Gotta earn those socks.

Barbara said...

I was at Hobby Lobby this morning and they had Wool Ease, didn't notice if they had purple or not because I was looking at Thick & Quick which they had very little of. They did have a few skeins of Sugar 'n Cream in colors I didn't have. *looks guilty*