Friday, October 12, 2007

Hooray for Friday!

I love it that it's Friday.

I've been working away on various projects; I'm almost halfway done with the hexagons for my Hexaghan. They look pretty impressive stacked up:

There are two or three more green ones that don't appear in this picture. And all of my ends are woven in, too, which I think is an accomplishment that bears mentioning. I'm enjoying this project more than I thought I would. I probably wouldn't have chosen these colors to go together (the other two are medium purple and cream), but I like the combination, and I'm looking forward to having a patchwork-ish afghan to keep on the back of my sofa. There's something about a multicolored afghan that doesn't match the furniture that says "homey" to me. Which might be silly, but there you have it.

But the big news is that yesterday evening I turned the heel on the first kilt hose.

My gusset stitches are all picked up, with no holes or unseemly gaps. I even managed to pick up the same number on each side! I made it to right before the short row part on one skein of yarn. So it takes 220 yards of yarn to get from the base of David's knee to the floor.


robyn said...

I am so impressed!!!

Barbara said...

Wow, you're really zooming along on the kilt hose. I can't wait to see it in person. You got 5 colors in your grab bag? Lucky. I only got three: brown, burgundy, and cream. Your hexagons look lovely and will make a cozy afghan when you're done. Congrats on weaving in tails as you go along.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

I'm totally impressed! Especially the weaving in ends thing. I wait to the very end and then curse and grumble at all mine :oP

Abby&David said...

That is one nice-looking ho.

Anonymous said...

I love the hexagons; that's going to be a great afghan!

And the kilt hose - wow!