Monday, October 29, 2007


What is up with people dodging manholes when they're driving? It happens all the time: I'm driving along, and suddenly the car ahead of me veers off to one side, so I think, "Oh, there must be something in the road!" so I'm on high alert--and then I realize that it was a manhole. The person in front of me would rather swerve sharply than go over a little bump. It happened twice this morning when I was driving to work, and that's just more excitement than I need on one commute. I want my commute to be completely boring, thank you.

Anyway. Knitting.

I haven't started the second Ho yet. I'm still basking in the glory of the finished First Ho. I was telling my mother over the weekend that I feel like a toddler in the knitting world: I go to Stitch 'n' Bitch with some finished object I'm just bursting with pride over, and I run around making everyone admire it, and the more experienced knitters tell me how pretty it is (I'm sure sincerely--most of the time), and then I go off to make them another pretty picture. I mean, knitted thing. I'm just going to have to resign myself to my fate as a toddler, because I really can't imagine growing out of pride in my creations. It's a good thing I knit with kind, patient people!

I've been working some on Grandma's Gift Wrap. Here's the latest photo.

You don't get the full effect of the length, but at least in this picture you can see that it's even. The last picture was deceptively wavy. You can even see some of the texture--mostly in the white stripe at the top. I'm a little more than 2/3 done. The goal is to finish it for Christmas, so it will be a combination thank you/Christmas gift. I'm nothing if not a multi-tasker!

I also got started on Abby's Wedding Afghan. I'm 1/4 done with the squares--hooray! They're looking good; they'll look even better joined together. I have pictures up on Ravelry, but I decided not to post them here so that Abby will be a little surprised. Unfortunately, David doesn't get to be surprised, but I did keep the pictures deliberately low on detail, so he won't get the full effect until he sees his kilt hose in person.


Knitting Magic Girl said...

We're all knitting toddlers when you get right down to it. That's why I have a blog. More people get to see my finished stuff then :oP

fragglesmurf said...

*pats head* Good job Ann! Now run along...Hahaha!