Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Almost There...

I'm thisclose to being done with Sock Three, the match to Sock One, and it's been killing me to have to actually do work this morning instead of knit. I'll have to type fast, so I can get in some quality sock-finishing time during my lunch hour.

Since my sock will be done, I need to find something else to knit at Stitch 'n' Bitch tonight. I thought about taking my new card suits project (in which a total beginner intarsia knitter attempts to modify an illusion knitting chart and use it for her own purposes--photos coming soon!), but I think I would have to concentrate too hard on it. I need something that will still allow me to interact with people!

I realized last night when I started the toe decreases on my sock that when I'm seriously concentrating, I completely close off. I had been listening to an audio book... and suddenly realized that I had no idea what was going on! I had missed about five minutes of the book while counting stitches, rearranging them on the needles, realizing that they were arranged incorrectly, fixing them, and remembering how to do a band toe.

So, until I get to be a little more experienced at this knitting business, I'll have to save the "hard" stuff for those quiet moments at home.

I think I'll work on this: a must-have for any enormous geek! (Like me; currently in frantic IM conversation with friends trying to arrange a last-minute midnight showing ticket-buying excursion, and contemplating exactly what I will say when calling in sick tomorrow if I actually make it to the midnight showing. 'Cause there's no way I can come to work on three hours of sleep.)

And I can't believe I just used that many words to decide what to work on next.


bookie said...

So did you, in your total geek-dom, make a Golden Snitch cloth and go to the midnight showing? Dad graciously gave me his cold so my head's stuffy and I feel totally stupid. I think I'll go to work and spend the day with my head on the desk, mooing in discomfort.


Psyche said...

Yes to both!

Poor Mom. I'm sorry to hear that you're all sick and moo-y. Drink lots of hot tea and feel better!