Monday, July 2, 2007

Weekends are for Knitting

It's time for show and tell!

My Illusion Spade is coming along. I've got a bunch of stripes now.

But sadly, it has definitely surpassed the bounds of coasterdom. And I still have a long way to go!

Look! It's part of a spade!

I also spent part of the weekend working on another sock. (I had to keep telling myself that it was probably not a good idea to knit a sock while doing the AIDS Walk... so I walked without knitting. There was a knitting presence there, though--the fabulous Sarah, co-owner of my LYS, was staffing the ReBelle table and worked on a really cute tank top the whole time.) In the end, I finished the cuff and started on the heel flap. I kept getting distracted, though, by things like shopping and season 1 of Fraggle Rock, which my friend Samara bought. (Actually, she dragged me to Circuit City with her, using the promise of a Michael's visit as bait. Damn her--she knows my weakness!)

Does anyone else find themselves resentful of activities that don't involve playing with yarn? I have dinner plans tonight, which interferes with my desire to sit on my couch and knit while listening to a book on CD that I checked out from the library. I had to get it on CD, you see, because I find it very difficult to read and knit at the same time, and I've been hit by my traditional Summer Urge to Read Good Literature. I'm not sure why summer always makes me want to dive into the canonical heavy hitters; most people think of summer reading as light, fluffy, "trash" reading. I read the trash in the winter and the Lit in the summer. I am backwards. Oh, well.

I won something! I never win anything! I'm so excited. And it fits my new sock obsession perfectly! What a great way to start a Monday!


bookie said...

I see what you mean about it being over coaster size, but I am so impressed that you're doing it. Can't wait to see the next sock. Will it match either one of the first two? Not that the first two didn't match...

bookie said...

I haven't remembered about the Summer Reading agenda, but I am reading non-trash right now. Does that count? Great idea to get books on tape from BCL to "read" while you knit. You're so smart.

bookie said...

So, you see the stripes when you look at it head-on (apply directly...NO!) and the pattern when you look at sideways? Way too complicated for this rank beginner.

Psyche said...

1. Sock #3 will be identical to Sock #1 (otherwise known as The Red One).
2. You can read whatever you want! I'm the weird one who thinks that I have to spend my summer studying, even though I'm not in school anymore.
3. You see the pattern from the top or bottom--kind of like the way your perspective makes the stretched-out "SCHOOL" painted on the road look normal while you're driving. And it's almost too complicated for me! (See previous entry on this topic.)

bookie said...

Okay, I probably won't horn in on your reading program this time. It would be hard to listen to tapes or cds anyway; I lent Grandma my portable player for her sewing room. And it would be difficult to concentrate on the story with Dad watching TV in the kitchen. I promise to leave you alone now.