Friday, July 27, 2007

Yesterday's Progress

I had a very satisfying evening yesterday. On the way home from work I picked up some dinner, which I ate while mentally composing my Important Letter. My Important Letter came much more easily than I had expected, which was nice. I sent that off and added the pictures to my last entry, then got out the Scrubbing Bubbles and scrub brush and set to work cleaning out my bathtub, which was covered with grime from its recent adventure with clogs and Roto-Rooter. Man, I wish I had taken a picture before cleaning--it was nasty. Now, however, it is sparkly and clean. Hooray!

And after that, I got out my knitting.

I made a fish. A brown one.

I worked on my brazen attempt to turn an illusion chart into an intarsia chart. I'm not sure I like it, but dammit, I will finish it. Eventually.

I worked some more on my friend's shawl.

I didn't take a picture. Imagine the one from yesterday is longer.

And I made another fish--a speckled one--thus doubling the size of my school. Now I have 4!

All in all, I feel pretty good about my night's work.

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bookie said...

I recognize that speckled yarn, don't I? I think we bought it while you were home. I cruised Michael's this morning (I had a coupon) and bought yet-another crochet book. It has the coolest sweater pattern in it--it took me right back to my hippie days! Maybe I'll make it someday.

I am so impressed with your spade. Your sock cuff is awesome. How'd you get so gutsy?

Love, Mom