Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lots o' Knitting

For your viewing pleasure, I present a photo essay called "The Shawl: A Progression."

The End.

All right, not the end of the shawl--the end of the photo series. But the huge (size 20) needles are definitely the way to go when you're making a big, rectangular shawl. That last picture shows one evening's progress--not bad!

I also made this:

Skully (front and back), destined to be felted into a keychain. My first stranded colorwork! (Okay, so I started that thing for Grandma... Skully is my first finished stranded colorwork.)

And now it's late, and I need to go to bed.

I'll try to put more words in my next post!


bookie said...

Cool stuff! I know how hard it was to frog the shawl & start over but I think it looks prettier looser knit. And look how far you got! Love the skully too. What's it called when the other side is a reverse of the front? I saw something like that in a hat pattern but can't remember. There's some fancy knitting name, I know.

Love, Mom

Psyche said...

I'm not sure what that's called, other than "reversible." If you find it you'll have to let me know!

bookie said...

Well, duh. I blame my head full of snot for not getting it. I even wrote "reverse" in my question. But it might have been in one of the Dulaan hat patterns I was looking at the other day. I'll check later.

Love, Mom