Friday, July 6, 2007

Nothing to Show

I'm squeezing in a quick post on my lunch hour to confess that I have no fun yarn-y news.

I've been working on my definitely-not-a-chicken dishcloth knit along--today is the last day, and after yesterday's rows, the picture is complete. Not a chicken. Sorry, Mom! I'll post a picture when I'm done.

Although I find myself wanting to find a chicken cloth to make now...

I haven't been doing much on my sock.

And I spent my entire freaking evening yesterday doing computer things that involved three irritating, complicated, multi-page online forms--plus the parts where I printed things to mail, noticed a typo, reprinted, noticed another typo, reprinted again... And then I got the bright idea to print the addresses on the envelopes (so as not to sully them with my handwriting) and couldn't figure out how to do it for a while.

So. No real knitting last night, and my next afghan is still sitting next to the arm chair, staring at me, accusing me with its uncrocheted skein-yness. (I feel slightly guilty about temporarily abandoning it, for no good reason. It's not for anyone--just a way to use up yarn--so why the guilt? Must be that Germanic work ethic.)

I saw a lovely picture today while I was taking a break, a picture that only fanned the flames of my desire to learn stranded colorwork. Here's the picture, lifted from The Yarn Harlot's archives:

Doesn't that just make you want to make exactly that?

Of course, that could just be the sleep deprivation talking. I'm working on an exciting stretch of insomnia, and I have a feeling I'm walking around with that look in my eye--at least, judging from my coworkers' facial expressions when stacking more projects on my ever-growing inbox pile, I think probably I am. (I still can't figure out why, if I'm so freakin' tired [which I am], can I not sleep for more than an hour at a time? It's crazy.)

I need a nap. And an assistant.

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bookie said...

Oh, honey, if I lived closer I'd come and rock you to sleep--with a real rock. Maybe when I call you tomorrow you will have slept better. Knitting is a pain! And it takes too long. Maybe a scarf was a bad idea. I'm crocheting a washcloth so I'll feel better.