Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Have Arrived

I got my first blog spam today. I think that makes me official.

I wish I could insert a ruled line.

I don't think I can.

Oh, well.

An old friend of mine is having a rough year, and I got the brilliant idea to make her a nice shawl. When I went away to college my mother crocheted an afghan for me, and wrapping myself in it felt like a hug--and I'd like my friend to have something like that, too. And I thought to myself, "Self, you should crochet this shawl so it's done sooner than it would be if you knit it, and you should use something like bouclé, so it's warm and fuzzy and soft and can be machine washed and dried." So I headed down to my local fabric store, which was having a sale on Lion Colorwaves--"A soft bouclé yarn blended to create a spectrum of colors"-- (discontinued colors) and picked up six skeins for $7.50. I picked out a pattern, started to crochet, got to the end of a row--and remembered that I hate crocheting with bouclé, because I can never find my damn stitches. I tried to crochet a hat with bouclé and wound up with a placemat.


It looks like I'll be knitting a shawl, after all. Maybe I'll just use really big needles to speed the process...


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Boucle' + Crochet = lots of Swearing!

bookie said...

Hey, I just make a stab at where I think the stitch is and if it looks okay and doesn't fall apart, I'm good. See, I'm more of a free crocheter, I let the yarn and hook lead the way. *gak, gak* Sorry. Anyone who knows me knows how rigid and driven to make everything right I am.

bookie said...

What's blog spam?

Psyche said...

Blog spam is like e-mail spam, but in the comments of your blog. Mine was in another language--possibly Portuguese--but then advised me in English to go to such-and-such website "if you're an English speaker."

bookie said...