Friday, July 13, 2007


It's my birthday! I started the day off right, too, by opening the presents I got in the mail on Tuesday. Let me tell you... This was worth it.

On the left is the food processor I got from my parents. I swear, my mom is a psychic--I don't think I had ever told her that I wanted a food processor, but on Monday or Tuesday I was looking through one of my cookbooks (the Settlement Home one--thanks, David!) and saw a recipe that I really wanted to make, but couldn't, due to my lack of food processor. I can't wait to use it!

On the right is the Ancestral KitchenAid mixer that I got from Brother David and his fiancée, Abby. I absolutely adore it, and I see lots of baking in my future. I was amazed when I opened the box and saw what made it so heavy. I think this makes me an official adult now--I have a stand mixer! Feels pretty good.

I got a lovely surprise when my boss got to work, too. She asked me to come into her office, and produced a box wrapped in bright yellow paper. Inside was this:

Yarn! Hooray, yarn! At the top is Sockatta, and at the bottom is Wildfoote, in all its handpainted glory. (I might see if I can exchange the Sockatta for a different colorway. This one is nice, but it's very similar to what I got from Elann.) It cracks me up that my boss got me yarn. She was so excited about it, too! I think we might have a yarn lover in the making here...

After work, I'm going to a cookout that my friends are throwing me, and I am confident that I will get at least a little more yarn. I try not to be materialistic, but I do so enjoy opening boxes and seeing what's inside! Not to mention the fact that tonight I have been promised brats on the grill (heaven!) and ice cream cake.

I love my birthday. This "getting older" stuff rules. You get presents and treats just for being alive.

Oh! And I made this yesterday. Fishie!


bookie said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!

I'm so glad you like your gifts. Mom's understand their kids and what they need. *looks modest, but smug* And your bruise looks nice too. Sounds like you're having a fabulous day--you deserve it, just wish I could be there to watch you eat all the cherries off your cake. Guess I'll have to dig out some old videos! Nice fishie, too. Aren't they fun to make?

Love to my best baby girl on her birthday,

fragglesmurf said...

Oh. I'm so excited for you! We can have dueling mixers and bake up a storm. I'm imagining all the cookies, breads, and pies in our future.

Anonymous said...


Does it mean I'm not an adult since I don't have a stand mixer?

Cute fishie :)

Psyche said...

I don't know, Julie... stand mixers are pretty important!